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Circlesong Photo by Dena Porter-3348.jpg

Circle Song - Built On Stilts  2019   Photo by Dena Porter


Family & Private Events

Looking for a new family activity or a way to bring your group together?  Try singing!  You will be amazed at how easy it is to have fun and learn more about one another...


Learn songs that your family will sing whenever they gather and that will pass from one generation to the next. Build connection between the youngest and oldest members of the family and everyone in between. Have fun! Play! A new/old way to play together across generations. Put down your devices and raise your voices!

Organizations & Corporations

High functioning group dynamics are critical to achieving goals and improving communication.


Roberta will help your organization learn, share and create songs that will uplift and connect people, form bonds, increase productivity, and foster teamwork. Each program is customized to address the needs of each organization and the participants.


Take a singing break to foster harmony and enhance communication!

Gathering friends and neighbors in music is an age-old tradition and isn't just for holiday carols. Through song, we can strengthen our connections...


Over the years many of us have forgotten how to have spontaneous fun with music. Singing isn't only for the "experts". Roberta will help you find your voices, learn songs easy for anyone to sing, connect with rythm, get in sync and become grounded in your body.

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