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The beleaguered Caribbean nation of Haiti suffered a major catastrophic setback after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, one more severe than the quake over 11 years ago, struck on the morning of August 14, 2021. 48 hours after the disaster it was reported that over 1,300 people had been killed, hundreds had been injured, and hundreds more remained missing. This was followed by more devastation from Tropical Storm Grace.

We are coming together as community song leaders to show our support and raise funds for the beautiful and resilient people of Haiti. Our song leaders will teach and lead songs in Haitian Creole, French and English. You'll learn more about the proud history of the First Black Republic from Haitian-American song leader and vocalist Claudia Zanes. We'll also hear from Rick Bausman, whose organization Rhythm of Life has direct ties to the hardest hit southern part of the island. Our other guest songleaders are:

Elizabeth Melvin - The Freedom Choir, Annapolis, MD

Roberta Kirn - Be Well Sing, Martha's Vineyard, MA 
Maggie Wheeler - Golden Bridge Community Choir, Los Angeles, CA 
Elise Witt - Singing for Fun for Everyone, Pine Lake, GA 
Arnaé Batson - The Ssing Network, Los Angeles, CA

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Donations of any amount gratefully accepted. All of your collected donations will be split between three organizations, Hope for HaitiPartners in Health and Rhythm of Life, providing vital medical, food, shelter and logistical support to earthquake and tropical storm victims. 

You can donate anytime before, during or after Friday's Sing for Haiti. 
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