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What a difference a day makes

The sun rose on February 25th on an important day at Daraja Academy. 32 new Form 1 (9th grade) girls walked through the gates of the school into new lives filled with possibility and promise.

Here are a few photos of some of the fortunate young women who have been selected from among many applicants across Kenya. They all did extremely well in primary school and have already shown that they have leadership qualities. The only thing holding them back was money. They now have the opportunity to continue their studies at Daraja Academy. In these photos you see the girls as they are welcomed by their new sisters/mothers, aunties and shoshos (grandmothers), the extraordinary staff and the founders of the school. You see the girls as they take their first steps into their new lives at this amazing school. What a privilige to be part of the welcoming committee! At dinner later in the day the older girls and I sang a welcome song I learned in Haiti and then taught at Daraja in 2015. I am feeling very fortunate indeed.

Jason Doherty, school founder, greeting a new student, welcoming her to her new home and family and giving a hug.

Jenni Doherty, school founder, introducing new baby Thomas to many admirers!

School uniforms and shoes are fitted. Supplies are distributed.

And the future begins!

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