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South African Adventure (part 1)

I have been back at home for a few days and can feel myself being swept up and away from my 2016 Song Exchange adventures. Before that happens I wanted to share stories and images from the South African leg of my journey. What an incredibly beautiful country! I was so thrilled to see and experience all that I did and I was especially happy with all of the different people I was able to connect with through song. It was such an incredibly rich experience. So rich, in fact, that I need to divide the adventure into several parts!


I flew from Nairobi to Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape where I was met by several friends for a 4 day adventure before settling into Song Exchange work in St Francis Bay. This coast is so beautiful it is hard to choose from the many images I have. Here are a few.

The cliffs at Robberg Nature Preserve

Wildernis Beach

Wildernis Beach at sunrise

Images above from Robberg Nature Preserve

While in the area we visited with the elephants at a sanctuary in The Crags.

And the monkeys at Monkey Land.


A monkey named Charmaine letting us know she was upset because we got a little too close to her human - our tour guide!

We also spent time at Birds of Eden - a huge aviary which is home to many rescued parrots and other exotic flying creatures.

The Knysna Loerie - one of the most unique birds I have ever seen.

Then there is the incredible flora...

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